2014 Membership Drive set to begin 1/1/2014! See Below for details


Welcome to Fairchance Firemens Ambulance


2014 Fairchance Firemens Ambulance Membership Drive

To begin on 1/1/2014. You should receive a Application in the mail. If you do not receive one you can use the link below and print one off or call and we can mail you one. THANKS FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!!

2014 Membership Application

2014 Membership Letter


Your benefits under the

Fairchance Firemens Ambulance Membership


No balance due after insurance payment (does not include deductible)


Discount fee for non-covered or uninsured transports @  $150.00 each way includes mileage


One (1) free Ambulance Called No Transportper household per year.  All other No Transport calls will be assessed at $150.00 each (refusals, lift assists, diabetic assists) as a standard roll-out fee.

These benefits may also extend to guests in your home or workplace.

General Information:

  • Emergency Ambulance Services will be provided as promptly as possible.  All emergency runs must be taken to the closest facility unless permission is given by the medical command physician to transport elsewhere.  This is the Law!
  • Non emergency transports to and from physician’s office and other medical facilities not covered by insurance, would qualify for the discount fee for non-covered transports.  Payment must be made at time of service.  We take credit cards and personal checks.  Advance appointments necessary.
  • Fairchance Firemens Ambulance reserves the right to terminate all membership agreements if, after review, it is felt that there is abuse of this program.
  • Members who receive payment direct from their carriers must forward the check to Fairchance Firemens Ambulance as payment for services rendered.  This would not be part of your Membership benefit.
  • Non compliance issues with your carriers authorization policies is not covered under your Membership.  It is your responsibility or your caregiver’s responsibility to obtain needed authorizations.  However, you may qualify for the discount fee.
  •  Fairchance Volunteer Fire Department is not  responsible for this ambulance company.
  • All patients transported recognize that insurance information must be provided; that the ambulance company is mandated to bill all insurance available and patient signatures are required on all transport sheets authorizing the transport and billing of insurance carriers.
  •  Your personal health information (PHI) and privacy of that information is of utmost importance.  Fairchance Firemens Ambulance goes to great lengths to protect your information.  All complaints regarding this issue should be directed to Ben Eicher @ 724-564-9103


Important Phone Numbers:

 EMERGENCY   Dial 911

Scheduled Transports  724-564-9103

Billing Office:        1-215-368-7350 x307

Billing Office fax:  1-215-368-7353


Credit Cards Accepted

Fairchance Firemens Ambulance Proud to support our Community!